Frequently Asked Questions about Readings
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What is the difference between a Psychic, a Medium and/or a Channel?

Psychics, Psychic Mediums and Channels can all possess a combination of gifts that include clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling) claircognizance (clear knowing) and clairambience (clear tasting or smelling). Basically, a Psychic uses their gifts of sight, hearing, feeling and knowing to connect to your energetic field to give you information about your past, future, love life, career, finances, etc. As a Psychic Medium I use those same gifts to connect telepathically with those who have passed on, to bring forth identifying information and messages that comfort my client and validate the afterlife. A Psychic or Evidentail Medium does not invite or take on the energies of other entities in this process like Channels do. A Channel opens up their bodies and fields inviting other entities/energies to take over their bodies to give guidance or teach their clients. 
I personally believe there is no entity or guide outside of the self that holds a higher truth, or guidance other than God/Source. We all have loved ones or guides who offer help and guidance, but that guidance must always align with our own truth and alignment with God/Source. I advocate to question everything! We each possess our own power, knowledge and appropriate guidance. I teach my clients in personal coaching sessions how to develop their gifts of intuition, how to access the higher self/God/Source for guidance and the basic principles surrounding energy and the Unified Field.

How long should I wait after my loved one has passed to get a reading?

Give yourself time The issue for an appropriate time is not with the souls, but rather with the bereaved. The right time to create communication with a loved one in spirit is after you have taken some time to gain perspective. It is best to go through the initial grieving period where you have reached a place of acceptance and understanding for your loss. I recommend waiting several months before contacting my office (or any medium) for a reading. 
Be in a good place Your energy is a factor in a reading and will affect the outcome. It is an opportunity better experienced when in a less grief-stricken and emotionally stronger place within.

How do I prepare for a reading?

Relax The more relaxed you are the better. I suggest remaining hopeful that you will hear from who you would like, but not to expect it. As a Medium I can deliver whatever the other side wants to communicate, but I cannot control who comes through. The other side knows what you need and they have an amazing way of prioritizing and delivering what is best for you. It is helpful to remember to be very open and honest in acknowledging their validations. It can be an overwhelming experience to connect with a loved one in this manner and sometimes "psychic amnesia" can occur when one is nervous. 
Make notes I suggest drawing a family tree (including friends and “shirt-tail relatives"), noting any and all details you can remember prior to the reading. I also suggest asking out loud or silently for those souls - and the message you want from them - before a reading.

What should I know about a reading?

Trust and be open Do your best to trust the information that comes through and why it comes in the way it does. Trust and understand that the information is being delivered and chosen completely by your loved one. Try not to be impatient or quick to negate it. They are working very hard to help me understand and know a lot of information quickly. They will communicate to me by using both "literal" and "symbolic" pictures, to get their information across to me. Why they choose what they do to communicate their information is completely up to them. My job is to keep up with them. 
Do not "feed the medium" It is important that you do not tell me who you are hoping for or anything about them. The less I know about them the better the reading is for you. Let them tell you the identifying information, so you know it is truly them. 
I believe them I always trust that the information coming through is valid, has a higher purpose, and was intended for you or someone you know. I am the messenger, delivering and discerning the information being given to me, and you are the interpreter, who knows how it all fits in.

What can I expect during my reading?

Telepathic connection across the dimensions Your loved ones who have passed on are connected to or through you and they have “crossed over”. This means they have left the physical density of the third dimension or earth plane. They are family or friends of yours or family or friends of someone you know. If messages come forth for people you know, we ask you kindly deliver the message. Occasionally spirits of your beloved pets come through to offer comfort. 
Identifying information I receive my information by seeing pictures, numbers, streaming video, symbols and the like. I hear names, sounds, music, phrases, etc. I feel emotions like love, peace, humor, regret or joy. I know the strength of personal character or attitude, what is desired or believed. Spirit will give me identifying information such as how they passed or what health issues concerned them, how and why they are connected to you, what they loved about the connection, their personality, memories, important dates, months, events and so on, along with many other types of identifying pieces of information. 
Loving messages After they have been recognized (with the help of your validations), they give, or I ask, what their message is for you and/ or why they’re here.
Trust the communication The sooner you accept and trust their flow and choice of communication, the better your session will be and the more you will get out of it. Your loved ones know what is in your heart. They do their best to answer those concerns. They know why you are hoping to hear from them, and they want very much to help you understand their world. 
You may hear from your higher self My main focus during each reading is linking to the “other side” for evidence and messages from loved ones who have crossed into the light. Some guidance may come through for you from your higher self as a result of my strong intuitive abilities as a byproduct of the process.

Why do so many names come through sometimes?

They are very eager Since their communication is dependent on the abilities and services of a Medium, many souls are excited and have been eagerly waiting for their chance to come through when the “door” is open. There are usually several souls trying to come through at the beginning of a session. This is their chance to finally communicate, confirm their existence, and comfort their loved ones here.  

What if I never met the person you are speaking about?

Kindly deliver their message There are many relatives, and friends of family that come through, who you may not know. Remember, this is a great opportunity for the souls on the "other side". It's OK if you don't recognize the names, often they come with information for someone close to you - and you become the messenger. Also, even though you may have never met your grandmother, she can still be around you, sending messages of love and comfort. The names may not be familiar to you, but they probably will be to someone in your family. I have complete trust in everything that comes through and the good it will provide to somebody connected to or through you. 

Do spirits tell you frightening or negative things about my life or will I hear something that will upset me? Are there negative or evil spirits and should I be afraid? 

There is no evil, only fear "Evil" or that idea is only deep fear. Before each and every reading I connect with my Divine energy, your higher Divine self and the Divine selves of your loved ones. I hold the intention for the reading to be done with the highest good for all concerned. 
We are protected We are entirely protected by our Divinity (connection to Source) so that during a reading we are safe and all surrounded by love. No messages are ever given that cause any discomfort or fear for anyone involved. 
They only deliver messages of love and encouragement Your loved one is operating from a place of higher consciousness, integrity and love. I can assure you they know your heart and have a remarkable ability to deliver healing, uplifting messages that ease your grief, bringing you comfort and peace. They link with me solely to encourage and support, giving you evidence of their essence and existence. Remember, this is a tremendous opportunity for the souls as well. They have often waited a long time for the chance to offer you words of comfort and the assurance that their love for you lives on. 
Your loved ones may caution you or offer loving affirmations about your life. But they will not frighten you, criticize, humiliate or berate you in any way. Nor will they interfere with information that will change your path. 
LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE There is no reason to be afraid or concerned before or during a session. It is important to remember the Law of Attraction with regard to every area of your life: LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. If you are a good person you will attract the same whether here in this dimension or in spirit. 

Can you guarantee that the one specific person I want to hear from 
will come through?

Ask them to come through I suggest, in the days prior to the reading, asking that one spirit who you want to hear from to come through for you. You can make the request out loud or in your head—they can hear you. They know why you are having a reading and whom you have the greatest desire to hear from. 
There are no guarantees, but be open to those who come forward There are no guarantees I can connect with that one particular spirit. But, we can, during the reading ask for your loved one by name or relationship to you. Usually, the one you wish for is able to come through, but do your best to be as open as you can for anyone who comes through.
Divine order  Anyone who has passed may come through whether you knew them or even liked them, and sometimes may bring in another or have messages of their own to give you. Spirit is in control and everything is perfectly coordinated in Divine order. There are higher reasons why you are getting the messages you are receiving, rather than who and what you may have wanted:

  • you may not be ready to hear their message even if you think you are 
  • they may not be ready to connect to the earth plane  
  • they may not have the energy or may not know how to lower their "vibration" level to connect with me (it is much like holding your nose and jumping into a pool--like being under water)
  • they may feel they need to "yield" to someone else who needs to have their message delivered 

The overall message Readings unfold the way they do because it is organized through the Divine. Those souls with the greatest need will usually communicate the most during the session. I advise you be open to anyone coming through, accepting the overall message. Those you want may come through another day, so be patient, trust and never give up. Because of its Divine nature, eventually a reading becomes clear for you and others with whom you are connected. 

How is an in-person reading the same as one by phone?

The theory of relativity We and everyone in Spirit are made of energy. Spirit oscillates(vibrates) in a frequency faster than the speed of light. We, in this dimension, oscillate AT the speed of light. In the dimensions faster than the speed of light, there is no time or space. Energy (oscillation/vibration) follows thought and emotion. They are right there with you during the reading whether I am there in person with you, or on the phone. It is the love that binds/connects us. Most of my readings are done on the phone with wonderful results. Whether in person or on the phone your reading will be digitally recorded.

Do you guarantee to make a connection? And if you don't will my 
money be refunded?

It is unusual not to make a connection No one can guarantee a connection with your loved ones. I usually connect easily with spirit because they are eager to communicate with you or someone else linked to you. Again, it takes considerable energy for a spirit to make a connection – it is very much like being under water. They have to lower their frequency(oscillation/vibration) level, and I have to raise mine to theirs. We meet in the middle and all energies must cohere and maintain the connections without interruption.
Yes, your money will be refunded In the rare instance you do not recognize any spirit coming through in the first 15 minutes of your reading, your fee will be refunded, or you may schedule another appointment to try again. This policy is for individual readings only (please be sure you are uninterrupted during the reading). 

How do I know when my loved ones are around me?  How can I connect with them myself?

Many different methods Our loved ones and animals are around us often and communicate to us in various ways. Many clients describe smelling something that reminds them of their loved ones or they see things, hear their voice, or see and talk to them in dreams, etc. Your loved ones can easily manipulate electrical things since they are electromagnetic energy. They also show themselves as spirit lights or orbs of light that may be caught on film or video. They are connecting with you when you suddenly think of them out of the blue. There are numerous ways spirit will connect with us and it's important to acknowledge them by saying “Hi, I know it's you!” and not brush it off as your imagination.
Be in a place of peace Meditation is a wonderful way to connect with your loved ones and higher self because it raises your frequency. Try to quiet your mind for even 10 minutes a day, or every other day to start. You will begin to differentiate between your ego and spirit. 

Can I purchase a reading as a gift for someone?

Yes! Gift certificates are available in 60 minute as well as 30 minute sessions. Gift certificates may be mailed via USPS regular mail directly to your recipient, or e-mailed. They must be used within 6 months. All information from this website applies for the gifted reading as it would any reading.