Thank you for sharing your time, your truth and your gift. Nothing is by chance, and meeting you has changed my life, reminding me of what I already know, reminding me of a larger universe, with more hope for a future that warms me. And makes me smile.
It is an honor to share this truth. And again, my deepest thanks-- "
--Peace, Sue

"I want to thank you so very much for the readings you gave me.  The way you described the personalities and demeanor of my grandmother and great uncle really amazed me. The results of both readings were astounding and far beyond my expectations. I love the gifts that they sent to me, for instance, the rose carved in wood by my grandfather’s love. 
Not only did I hear from my own loved ones, but I also received messages for other people that are close to me. I was so stunned by the information I received that I was to pass on to others.  It so very helpful for their healing.  You are truly gifted. You gave such comfort and peace with your warmth and understanding of the process and my feelings."
--S. Antonia Devine 

"Thank you for the affirming reading. You helped me to make contact with my father who I didn't know if he loved me or not. He did and does and that was the most important thing to me. This reading lifted a heavy burden off me and healed my heart and soul. I have absolutely started to live again without feeling undeserving of love.  It was also good to know that he is with my mother who has alzheimers and will take care of her until she decides to join him. I spoke with two dear friends who passed from cancer and know they are in a beautiful place.
I was even able to contact a high school friend and that was important to me.  The recording is very important because when I listened to it,  I heard things that I didn't remember when talking with my dad that confirmed it was him.  I listen to it often and I will still cry with overwhelming happiness.  My dad telling me he is proud of me, my family and my relationship was something I really needed to hear.  Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing the spirits into my soul and lightening my heart.  I talk to my mom and dad every day and my spirit soars.  I have given your name to numerous friends and the ones that have contacted you are so glad they did with lifted spirits and great happiness.  God Bless You for the peace and comfort you bring to all who listen."  
--Pat Woods

"I called my sister just after I left your house and talked to her almost all the way home. The warehouse is where he died. The heavy equipment fell on him. As soon as I said it she knew and it is unbelievable that I didn't remember. You were right on. I thank you so much! That was really profound. It meant a lot to me and you are very right about the healing effect of this work. Again thank you so much. After I left I was so joyful and happy so at peace. I saw angels everywhere."
--Sheila Williamson, RN, BSN, MSN

"There are so few people with your ability to transcend this dimension or who are so tuned in to the energy levels you describe and make some kind of sense out of it. I loved the reading you gave with my mom. I did tell my children what she said about being with them and about the pickles. The window was also very dear to me. I knew exactly what you were talking about when you mentioned a window. Anyone in my family who spent time with her would know about the large picture window they put in. Thank you for the window into her world right now. I miss her so very much."

"I just wanted you to know how much your reading helped me. I came to you because I had lot of relatives who had passed and I wanted to hear what they had to say about my buying a horse, which is a big deal to me. I haven't owned a horse since I was a teenager, and I had issues with responsibility that am ready to tackle now.  
You told me that regarding shopping for a horse, that my relatives were showing you a shell that was blond in color, and that you sensed the ocean. Well, I ended up deciding on a horse that is blond, or cream color. His owner's name is Shell. When I had the vet look at him, she offered me her stethescope to let me hear the sand in his gut.  She asked, 'Do you want to hear it?  It sounds just like the ocean.'  Who knew such strange clues could be so on target!!"
--Camille Harman
Tucson, AZ

"You assisted me in making contact with my Mother who had recently died. You identified my mother's exact symbol without knowing anything about her. I received comfort, direction and inspiration; I felt a definite connection to my loved ones on the other side, and, might I add, the session was humorous, which warmed my heart as well.  I am grateful to you and the spiritual world for this precious opportunity to connect with those on the other side."
--Cynthia Hutchison, DNSc, RN, HTCP/I, Healing Touch Program Director

"My reading was enjoyable and affirming. You relayed information from my grandmother, with whom I've not had conscious contact before. At times I've been aware of feeling connected to my Dad and it was very affirming when I felt that and you let me know that he was present and communicating to me. My old boyfriend also came to play--I always know when he's around--and in fact the communication and feelings I had with him remained heightened for days afterwards. You  are certainly "plugged in" and a very talented medium."

"My time with Annette was informative, inspiring, conforting and also entertaining. Throughout the reading she gave detailed messages from my husband, accurately conveying his personality and sense of humor.
Each year since his passing, I celebrate my husband's birthday by contacting him through a medium. I will definitely use Annette's gifts of clarity an sensitivity in the future."

"Having slept on all the wonderful sensations from last night's reading, I must say - again - THANK YOU so very much!  This is the very first reading I've had that has been truly authentic and answered many questions for me.  It is also the first one during which I haven't tuned out because of hearing that my mother loves me - so that is a biggie for me!" 

Client Comments
"I left the reading feeling lighter and freer and more joy than I have in many, many months. I am released in a way for which I give thanks of such depths. It was within moments that I was without any doubt of his presence and his truth. So important to hear his words of love and light and acceptance.
I moved forward through doors, seeing and feeling the expanse 
of sky and clouds Steve spoke of, feeling flight and light. The time allowed me to move through steps of my path, and I am further and in a better place because of it. Hope and love are so much more present now. I will continue to look for him now, the eternal flyer, knowing that his is with me in some way, and that is such a comfort.

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"The results of both readings were astounding and far beyond my expectations...  You are highly skilled, and you gave such comfort and peace with your warmth and understanding of the process and my feelings."  --S. Antonia Devine

"This reading lifted a heavy burden off me and healed my heart and soul.  I have absolutely started to live again without feeling undeserving of love."  --Pat Woods

 "You were right on... After I left I was so joyful and happy so at peace. I saw angels everywhere."
--Sheila Williamson, RN, BSN, MSN

"Thank you for the window into my mother's world right now.  I miss her so very much." 

 ''It is interesting how answers are delivered though; 
so far, a few unknowns from the reading were revealed. It's astounding!!''
--Barry Eastman

"Thank you so much for such an extraordinary experience. The audio file is greatly appreciated; and, I look forward to listening and transcribing the content. Will contact you if there are any questions or further clarification needed.  

I truly feel that this experience is healing on multiple levels. Your gift of service is beautiful, authentic and a blessing for many."  

"Our reading has profoundly touched me. I feel a true connection beyond time and space with my ancestors, guides and my garden elementals. To know that Leila Michelle is still with me as a guide and that I still carry part of her in my body and heart was enough, right there."
--Brenda S.