The death of a loved one affects us in profoundly challenging ways. Mourning is unique for each of us as we move through this difficult process. After the loss, a void occurs, the emptiness envelopes us, and grief consumes our soul. We yearn for answers, connection, and a desire to be complete again.

I am a third generation, psychic medium who brings through specific and identifying information from spirit, along with loving messages that can assist in the grieving process. I provide a holistic approach to this connection that comforts and brings peaceful healing to those involved.

I am honored and deeply grateful to participate in this sacred communication. This experience inspires, transforms, and raises consciousness. It is warm, loving, joyful, and healing. And can often be humorous, educational and inspiring.

I look forward to each session, remaining deeply touched by the messages communicated, and always humbled by the expression and power of love.

My passion is connecting my clients with their loved ones, teaching about the afterlife, the higher dimensional realms, and assisting my clients in their spiritual growth. I do this through conducting private one-on-one readings. I offer readings for small groups and social gatherings and I demonstrate mediumship for larger audiences or galleries.

I conduct readings over the phone, via Facetime or Google Duo or in-person all of which are equally powerful.
Spiritual Connection and Healing 
through Mediumship
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"For life is the expression and substance of spirit, and manifest reality is but a dreamscape from which we eventually all awaken..."

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