I am a natural born, third generation psychic medium. I see and hear those who have died who feel compelled to pass their messages to loved ones left behind. I bring forth evidence and validation that you are speaking to the continued consciousness of your loved one in spirit. 

My abilities to identify an individual who has passed, validate their true continuation of consciousness, and interpret their messages have been tested and proven, again and again.

In your reading you will know with certainty your loved one is speaking to you from the "other side". You will feel the comfort of their presence as I describe them to you and interpret their messages to you.

Death is a doorway to a higher state of being. When we transition we continue our evolution. Those we love, who have passed before us, find great joy in re-establishing a connection with us. We are healed and transformed in our discovery that after death our loved ones live on in peace. It is our love that connects us across the dimensions.

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We are Divine expression, we are One with Source. 

Annette Lindstrom
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 Mediumship Readings
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 "...it is unbelievable that I didn't remember. You were right on!"
--Sheila Williamson
"The results of both readings were astounding and far beyond my expectations..."
-S. Antonia Devine
We are powerful beyond our wildest imagings... 
and loved beyond measure... we are the connectors of heaven and earth... we are Divine beings!